Food Around The World – Californian Food

Traveling around the world, I have realized that there are many differences when it comes to one thing in particular: food. In addition to that, I must also mention that tastes differ and what a certain person might find delicious, others might not even find tasty. I would just like to emphasize that in this article I am merely stating my personal thoughts and opinions and that if you believe, otherwise you were clearly entitled to your point of view. Moreover, I would like to invite you to share your thoughts and opinions in the comments section below and tell us what your opinions are. Alright, now to some real questions I get all the time:

home_food_04How Does Food In California Really Taste?

Well, let me start by saying that it is true that in different parts of the world even the same ingredients taste different and this can also be applied to food in California. Beat that being on where you are from the food in California will taste similar to what you are accustomed to, or extremely different. I was not so much surprised by the difference in taste as I had expected because I was told that fruit and vegetables taste like plastic, but luckily for me, this was not true.

To answer your question, food in California tastes different from what I am accustomed, and since I come from Italy, yes I have a high-maintenance palate. Still, the taste was pretty good, and I can say that if I had to use just one word to describe Californian food, I would say comforting.

Californian Original

When it comes to food which originates in California, I can honestly say that I had had some awesome seafood in California, and of course, I had had a bunch of tasty fast food. I would recommend shrimp tostadas, as it is something I have never had and it is tasty and delicious. In addition to that, I must also emphasize that Californian cuisine is more of a blend of various cuisines, which just means that they have taken what best from each cuisine and each culture.

Fast Food In California

The culture of fast food is pretty widespread across the US, and it is also especially true for California. I had some amazing sandwiches and burgers when I was in California, and of course, this type of cuisine is appealing to everyone who is always on the go and the since life in the USA is so hectic and people are always on the go, it is only normal that they have a variety of fast food.

How To Eat Healthy In California?

Many people have also asked me whether I believe that Californian food is good for you. Well, if you want to eat healthy you can make some healthy choices, but in general, there is a lot of tasty fast food in California, and it can be difficult to control this urge. This is why in my opinion some people give in to fast food and gain weight.